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First Appointment

This is an hour long appointment. On your first visit to our salon we need extra time to discuss your requirements so we can be sure we get to know you, any problems you have with your hair, and make sure you know how to handle your hair when you wash and style it at home.


This is an hour-long appointment, this is when you are looking for a change of look, more time is needed to conduct the consultation, cut the hair and educate you how to style your hair at home.

Hair by Rasa

Maintenance Cut and Blow dry

This is a 3/4-hour appointment, when you are happy with your hair and need it checked back into shape every 6 to 8 weeks.

Hair Up / Party Hair

We do a number of party looks, from curls to elaborate up do’s.

Stitching hair up

One of the requests we get currently, is up do’s with a casual feel, meaning a loose effect, the problem is to keep it casual but keeping the style securely in place. This is where stitching comes in, we can secure hair up’s, by stitching the style into place, so you do not have lots of grips. Very secure and non-detectable.


If you have badly behaved hair that constantly goes fuzzy with the hint of dampness in the air, this is for you. This keratin treatment is infused into your hair, removing the fuzz while leaving the movement. This is a non-damaging procedure, leaves the hair in great condition and can be coloured straight afterwards. This procedure lasts for 3 months and comes with a treatment pack for home use.

The Bombshell Blow Dry

We have created a service at an incredible price, for just £9 you can get your hair washed with a luxury treatment and then styled to your liking. Why bother ever washing your own hair again?

Colour Services If you have not had your hair coloured with us before a skin test is required 48 hours before your appointment.

Root Colour

Regrowth covered may be combed into ends after 20 minutes.

Semi Colour

Colour that fades out after 10 - 15 washes.

Up to Fifteen Foils (T section)

This is a service to keep your full / part head foils lasting longer, foils applied along parting and the hairline below temples, 10 - 15 foils.

Full Head Colour

3/4-hour appointment, root colour applied, extra colour applied to ends.

Half Head Foils

1/2 head foils, this is for a look that you don’t want to see colour in the bottom half of head, normally for people that don’t wear their hair up.

Full foils

All through hair, normally not done each visit, this is when you wear your hair up and want to see colour in nape area.

Part Fashion

Half head highlights, colour filled in between, normally if you have a regrowth issue but want a highlighted effect running through your hair to give a textured effect.

Full Fashion

Let your imagination run wild.

Colour Corrections

As you can imagine, there are numerous things that can go wrong with hair colour. We have to meet with you assess you colour and what you want to achieve. We normally take a test piece of hair to test the compatibility, condition and strength.


Free hand technique, can be used for natural looks, usually has a deeper root growth effect, or can be more radical.